2nd IPB World Peace Congress 2021 in Barcelona

We have a planetary crisis: In times of confrontational policies increasingly replacing international cooperation on issues that range from arms control and common security to climate change and global inequality from democratic turns to health emergencies. If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, it is this: Only together can we address all those intertwined challenges humanity faces today. Worse even, if we do not take this crisis as a chance for re-evaluating our common goals, re-thinking our own stance, re-imagining our future world as a place that offers winning chances for everyone instead of first prizes for but a few, we will miss this once-in-a-century opportunity. For hardship bears hope, crisis carves community, and people drive change.

As former German Chancellor Willy Brandt said: ‘Peace is not everything, but without peace, everything is nothing.’ At this pivotal point in history, we can continue on the track we are on, pushing all life on Earth steadily closer to the brink, or we can create a plan of action for a better world. Over the course of three days, from 15-17th October 2021, passionate peace activists, esteemed experts and highly intriguing individuals meet with peace advocates, professionals and civilians, from all around the globe for a lively exchange on ways forward, on new ideas on known problems, fresh images for long-sought change.

Dedicated especially to the next generation of peace advocates, there will be a series of events led by Youth organizations from around the globe, ranging from topics such as Climate Change to Global Justice, Military Expenditure to Human Rights. We warmly invite you to join us in the creation of this vision and to work together for its implementation.

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