4Kids International

Presenting: 4Kids International from Monrovia, Liberia!

4Kids International is a registered non-governmental, non-political and non-for-profit organization. Established in 2017, 4Kids supports children and youth empowerment through advocacy and capacity building activities. After years of civil war, 4Kids shares in the country’s joint efforts to strengthen peace and stability in the communities by promoting young people’s participation in conflict management and resolution. 4Kids has stimulated the establishment of Peace Clubs in partner communities where young people meet and engage with each other.

The ‘Girls Integrated Projects for Awareness Raising on Girls’ Rights, HIV/AIDS, SGBV and Gender Equality‘. This project aims at girls’ empowerment through sports as a strong forum of advocacy. It creates a peaceful environment where girls’ rights are actively incorporated and HIV/AIDS prevention as well as related questions of gender equality are fairly and openly negotiated. It encourages beneficiaries to take a leading role in the management of these issues, both for their personal development as well as for that of their communities.

‘I am one of 4Kids International’s beneficiaries and member of the peace club established at my school. Growing up, I had serious problems both in school and in my community. I never used to respect older people or peers. Now, I am a role model for friends who have similar issues (…) I would like for 4Kids International to extend her program in all schools that are not part of their project and include the 5-35 age group because charity starts at home.’
Blessing Vaye, resident of the Mental Health Community in Paynesville, Liberia 

Through peace building, healthcare, access to safe drinking water, shelter, education and youth mobilisation, 4Kids International’s mission is to:

  1. Bring hope and necessary care to those kids living in extreme poverty
  2. Empower young people and their communities

4Kids International envisions a community where the dignities of children are respected and a society free from conflict, extreme poverty and disease is possible.