Youth Gathering 2016

At the IPB World Congress 2016 on Military and Social Spending in Berlin around 40 young people from 15 different nations met during a Youth Gathering. One outcome of the youth gathering was the Youth Declaration found on this site. After a weekend of discussions, 31 persons participated in the final decisions on a youth declaration which proclaimed the foundation of the youth network and which calls for a world congress on youth, demilitarisation, and transformation in 2018. You can find older drafts and pictures on the World Congress page:

You can find all media coverage on the World Congress page:



Thursday, September 29th

15:00 Welcome of the participants

15:15 Teambuilding

16:15 Political sightseeing tour of Berlin

19:00 Get Together at Cafe A, Technical University

Friday, September 30th

10:00 Welcome to Youth Gathering

10:15 Round of Introduction

11:15 Analysis from different perspectives on challenges for our future

13:00 Lunch break

15:00 Presentation of draft declaration*

15:15 Conversation Cafe

17:15 Decisions (youth representative, drafting team)

17:30 End of Day 1

19:00 Opening: IPB conference “Disarm! For a Climate of Peace”

Saturday, October 1st

19:15-19:45 Wrapping up the day (voluntary exchange on the conference day)

20:00 Deadline for turning in changes to the declaration

*Process for draft declaration: The draft declaration is drafted over a period of several months on the basis of open conference calls and email communication.

Sunday, October 2nd

9:30 Finalized draft declaration available

16:00 End of the IPB World Congress “Disarm! For a Climate of Peace”

16:15-16:45 Wrapping up the day

17:15 Presentation of the finalized draft declaration by a drafting group and discussion and decision on the draft declaration

18:00 End