Meet ‘Plan for the Villages’ – PLAVIO – from Lira, Uganda!

Having witnessed untold Health, Education, Economic and Social problems faced by the elderly, by orphans and widows, the youth, persons with disabilities, school drop outs and teenage mothers suffering from the ‘Lord’s Resistance Army Rebels’-conflict in Northern Uganda, a need to come up with an initiative that would respond directly to those challenges arose. Together with Listen First Uganda, PLAVIO supports communities since 2018.

Listen to Aye Molly how the Pad Project supports adolscent girls and women to guard their dignity and bodily integrity, promoting free speech, listening and exchange. Moving the topic of menstrual health out of the shadows. Moving one step closer to gender equality.

PLAVIO focuses on contributions in three key areas:

  1. Peace building and violence reduction, including domestic violence, communal violence, gender based violence, and violent extremism
  2. Community development, including education, health, economic equality and prosperity
  3. Civic leadership, including advocacy for issues of good governance, human rights, the rule of law, and community engagement in Uganda and beyond

‘We believe in the power of listening and skills development to increase understanding, respect and cooperation, allowing for the establishment of vibrant, prosperous, and safe communities. We work with local partners, communities, governments and international agencies to address the challenges the world faces today.’
Augustine K. B. Okello, PLAVIO Uganda

PLAVIO envisions a transformed and economically empowered community that understands. PLAVIO aims for resilience, excellence and dedication in the shared effort of restoring hopeful personal lives and community engagements.



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    Addressing nutrition issues with elderly people (c) PLAVIO Uganda
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    Tailoring for the Pad Project (c) PLAVIO Uganda
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