Getting involved

The Youth Network is meant to bring together young people interested in peace. Anyone can join and contribute by organizing or helping to organize events, by participating in discussions, by contributing articles, or exchanging information.

Mailing List

Most IPBYN business is conducted via our private mailing list. It is intended as a working group and contributions by any subscriber are welcome. If you want to be engaged in the Youth Network, subscribing is the best way to do so. We use it to facilitate the organization of events, actions, campaigns, etc. or to share anything that might be interesting to members of the network.

Subscribe to the Mailing List

Join the mailing list by clicking on the link to the right and requesting a subscription

Blog and Contributing to the Website

You can contribute to the website by writing official pieces for the website (e.g. news) or by posting to the members’ blog. As we coordinate such publications via email, please join the mailing list in order to contribute. You can take initiative and propose or submit a contribution, but members will send out calls for contributions regularly.


You can reach out to us via email to


IPBYN is dependent on your financial contribution in order to organize events and bring young activists together. We receive very little institutional funding and are dependent on your donation. Please donate to the IPB, earmarking your contribution for the “Youth Network”