‘With our community, through thick and thin’: A PLAVIO Uganda Perspective

We have been with our communities through thick and thin. We do what we do because we know it is the right thing to feed those elderly community members who do not have anyone to support them. We provide reusable sanitary pads to poor rural girls in school because we know the challenges surrounding poor girls not having access to menstrual hygiene management kits. We provide the same kits to rural girls out of school and rural women because we know it is one way of fighting early marriage and domestic violence. And we want to keep girls in school and encourage those who have dropped out of school because of stigma around menstruation to get back to school.

We implement peace building initiatives including establishing peace clubs in schools because we know communities can only prosper when there is a sense of belonging and a sense of community.

PLAVIO targets improvement of livelihoods through revolutionized agriculture as a way of fighting food shortage and ensuring families are consuming nutritious foods – we believe in using the available land and protecting the environment for this to be real.

We believe in making free choices and a free will, carried by a stable mental health – thit is why we implement the mental health program.

We believe that empowering teen mothers through vocational skills training helps them take charge of their livelihoods through increased income and better choices.

Want to know more about PLAVIOs work and aspirations? Meet Monica, who just graduated from Cohort IV of the Tailoring Skills Training 2022! Our congratulations and warmest wishes for her and her classmates!